Examinate: A Doctor Who Quiz Book

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Examinate: A Doctor Who Quiz BookBuenos Tardis!

Do you know your Silents from your Silurians? Your Autons from your Oods? Your Ponds from Your Rivers?

Examinate has been designed for all fans of the show to test their wits against. Whether you’re a true Whovian that knows everything there is to know about the Doctor or whether you’re a new fan of the show discovering the series for the first time, there’s something here for you.

Inside you will find 25 quizzes containing 15 questions each covering everything since the 2005 reboot. Quizzes become progressively harder as you move through the book and feature a mixture of general knowledge tests and questions about specific characters, subjects, and settings. There’s also a round of tiebreakers to settle any disputes.

Do you have what it takes to win? There’s a lot to get through, after all – it’s bigger on the inside!

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