Quiz My Face: An Alan Partridge Quiz Book

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Quiz My FaceLet battle commence!

Quiz My Face has been created for fans of I’m Alan Partridge. Inside this book you will find 25 quizzes consisting of 15 questions each, questions become increasingly difficult as you advance through the book. There are 15 general knowledge rounds and 10 rounds based on specific subjects or themes, including quizzes on Mid-Morning Matters, Alpha Papa and Knowing Me, Knowing You.

There’s also a round of tiebreakers designed to help you figure out who really knows the most about Alan Partridge. That’s 385 questions covering everything there is to know about Norfolk’s most infamous son.

So, pour yourself a big fat shot of Directors Bitter, pop on the soundtrack to Black Beauty, break open a Toblerone and let battle commence!…Water-way to have a good time!