The Walking Egghead: A Walking Dead Quiz Book

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The Walking Egghead: A Walking Dead Quiz BookDon’t Open, Dread Inside…

Do you know everything there is to know about The Walking Dead? Do you know which character said “Shoot me again, best pray I’m dead”? Or how many severed heads the Governor had in his fish tanks? Do you remember what ‘JSS’ stands for? Or which train car the group are trapped in at Terminus?

Then why not test yourself and see if you have what it takes to be The Walking Egghead? 25 Quizzes consisting of 15 questions each become progressively harder as you stagger your way through the book. There are 15 general knowledge rounds and 10 based on specific characters & themes, such as anagrams, quotes, and death scenes.

There‘s even a set of tiebreaker questions to settle any disputes. That’s over 375 questions about The Walking Dead for you to get your teeth into.

Think you know enough to survive? Then have a go and see if you can remember what’s happened in days gone bye…


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